Roadbook Capers – Just for fun Roadbook days.

Roadbook Capers set up on my KTM 950 Super Enduro

Roadbook Capers are “just for fun” roadbook navigation events to enable riders to give roadbooks a try and for riders to just have practice sessions to keep their navigation skills in tune.

Roadbook Capers are free for RallyMoto Members.

So what happens on the day? This is a roadbook fun day for anyone who wants to have a go at a simple roadbook or simply get a bit of practice in on gentle, easy going lanes. The total course length is typically 150km or there abouts and the course returns to the same start point.

The day starts off with a briefing on the roadbook, some instruction and help whilst having a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.

Universal “Tuppertech Hybrid” roadbook holder

We have some universal roadbook holders that can be fitted to bikes.

We keep the terrain easy going. The course is designed for bigger adventure bikes / trail bikes with off road capability and rally bikes. Enduro bikes will find the going very easy but if you want to practise please do come along.

The roadbook has been designed for a standard trip on a bike and is set in miles – the trip will be zeroed every 10 miles as to not have the trips running to far out of sync with the roadbook distances.

We will also do a “rally” style roadbook for those that want to do roadbook practise – these will be in kilometers and run a total distance.

If you borrow one of the super Tupperware Hybrid roadbook holders make sure you can still see your trip !!

There will be additional riders on the route to help you if you require assistance.

Fill in the form below and let me know you are coming and if you require a “Tuppertech Hybrid” roadbook holder. Remember – 12 riders only.

Dates for 2017 Roadbook Capers are:

27th August 2017 – Cotswold Capers – Easy Route

22nd October 2017 – Cotswold Capers – Harder Route

26th November 2017 – TBA

10th December 2017 – Burt’s Special Birthday Welsh Roadbook Caper – 200km