RallyMoto Cup and Big Bike Rally Challenge

RallyMoto Cup 2017

The RallyMoto Cup will be a two round roadbook series for 2017. The cup will be awarded to the winner of the Rally Class but there will also be awards for the RallyLite class and the Big Bike Rally Challenge. The rounds will be one or two day events and will consist of 180 – 200km on the longest day and we are looking to do a minimum of 2 rounds in 2017

The two classes are:-
Rally Class: A bike with a full nav tower and navigation equipment permanently attached to the bike.
Rally Lite Class: An enduro bike with a temporary roadbook holder and ICO set up usually mounted on the bars.

The winner of the RallyMoto Cup will be awarded an entry into the Tour of Portugal in 2018.

Big Bike Rally Challenge 2017

This is being brought back for 2017 and we are looking to do 2 rounds for the 2017 season. The course will be shorter and less technical for the “big bikes” and the roadbook (miles) will be easier to navigate with a bikes standard trip.

The class will be BIG BIKES ONLY (575cc plus). RallyMoto will provide a roadbook holder and the simplified roadbook for the event. This will be a navigation only event and will have no timed stages. The event will be run over hard packed tracks, suitable for dual sport tyres, and road sections with competitors having to navigate their way through the day using check points.

There will be two classes:
Single: Single cylinder bikes over 575cc
Multi: Twin or Multi cylinder bikes over 575cc

To register your interest in the RallyMoto Cup or the Bike Bike Rally Challenge for 2017 – just complete the quick form below:-

2017 RallyMoto Cup and Big Bike Rally Challenge