RallyMoto Roadbook Challenge

ACU Permit: ACU50233
MSA Permit: tba
25th June 2017
Start: Sweet Lamb Motorsport Complex

20th May 2017: Event Cancelled.

After spending all day on the 19th with Forestry and The Cambrian Wind Farm it turns out we are able to use the main link road in Tarenig that allows us to complete full lap. This combined with restrictions on single track sections of the course has forced RallyMoto to cancel the event.

We will be looking to have a roadbook event in September on the 2/3rd and we already have secured permissions so this looks more hopeful.

The Tarenig Rally, a one day roadbook navigational challenge, forms part of the RallyMoto Cup for the Rally Class and part of the Big Big Rally Challenge for the Adventure Class. The event is to be held in the heart of Wales and will take advantage of a fantastic route through multiple forest areas using tracks, fire roads and public highways. The start venue is at the Sweet Lamb Motor Sport Complex.


RallyMoto Cup / Rally Class

Rally Class includes full rally bikes and RallyLite bikes

The course will be navigated by an FIM standard cross country roadbook. Competitors will have to have their own navigation equipment and accurate ICO. The course length for the Rally Class is 200km. Competitors should note that speed zone restrictions will apply and an accurate speedometer would be advantageous. All competitors will be GPS tracked for course accuracy and speed.

The Rally Class route will include more demanding and technical terrain, which we deem suitable for the majority of “adventure bikes”.
The course will include a number of check points and riders must make their checkpoint on time. The check points will get tighter and tighter throughout the day and riders will not be permitted to leave a check before their allowed time.
There will be separate classes for rally and RallyLite machines.


Big Bike Rally Challenge / Adventure Class – over 575cc

A simpler roadbook for Adventure Class

The course will be navigated with a simpler roadbook designed to be used with the bikes own trip. As this is not as accurate the roadbook will provide more information of the route and will be reset approximately every 10km. The length of the course will be approx 140km and consist of main fire roads, large tracks and public highways. Competitors will be GPS tracked and speed zones will apply, these will be clearly marked on the roadbook.

Checkpoint times for the Adventure class will be very relaxed and easy to achieve – the results will be determined on accuracy of navigation via the GPS tracking system.

Basic roadbook option

Should “adventure class” riders wish to have a go – there will be the option to hire a basic roadbook holder, which can be attached to the bike simply with cable ties. (This should returned post event)

There will be separate classes for single and multi-cylinder machines.