We are looking at condensing the ATRC for 2017. Feedback form a number of riders in 2016 told us that 8 rounds was a big commitment , even with five rounds scoring towards points. We are also loosing rallies in the UK to compete at in the ATRC, with the Isle of Man and the northern rallies of Borders not having a good attendance and with Keilder being cancelled due to lack of entries.

With this in mind we are changing the structure of the ATRC in 2017. There will be 6 rounds as follows:-

The fixtures for 2017 are as follows:-

Round 1 – Brechfa Rally – 18/19th March

Round 2 – Ryedale Rally –  1/2nd July

Round 3 – Keilder Rally – 5/6th August  *

Round 4 – Beacons Rally –  19/20th August

Round 5 – Tour of Mann – 30thSeptember / 1st October *

Round 6 – Hafren Rally – 4/5 th November – TBC

4 rounds are to count for points in the ATRC and you must attend one of the (*) events.

With have less rounds to count for the championship we are looking to have more riders compete in 2017