An introduction to the All Terrain Rally Challenge.


The All Terrain Rally Challenge (ATRC) is a series of rally events run throughout the year. RallyMoto and the team keep a league table of points scored by competitors at each round. The class structure is straight forwards:

We will try and give you an insight to the All Terrain Rally Challenge and how you can prepare yourself and your motorcycle to take part and enjoy these great events.

You don’t need to navigate on ATRC events, the course is fully marked and signposted.

THE ATRC is designed mainly for “Enduro” bikes and lightweight trail bikes.

“All Terrain” rallies can be a one or two day events, it normally consists of a number of laps (each lap can be 30-40 miles long) around a marked, arrowed course which guides you along a forest type enduro course.

On each of these laps there will be a couple of timed sections or special stages as we like to call them, often around 5 to 8 miles long and can cover a variety of terrain.  First lap around you have the chance to ride them at your leisure as they are un-timed, the 2nd and 3rd laps however is things get more interesting, you are set off on a green light at 30 seconds intervals and timed, so you can put in your best time ..


Can you ride off-road ? A bit of motocross when you were a school boy ?  Some trail riding or green laning ? The odd enduro ? …..If its a “yes” to any the these then you will be fine.

Only you can answer that question, but does it have off-road capability ? Can you get a trail type, road legal or F.I.M approved knobby tyres to fit it ?! If so then you have a suitable bike ! Adventure bikes and bikes larger than 600cc are NOT usually suitable for the ATRC,


We have listed the events in a dedicated ATRC calendar, that make up THE ALL TERRAIN RALLY CHALLENGE. We will keep you posted with a newsletter for the regs and entries – so be sure to sign up for our newsletter as well, as we send advanced notifications for entries to events in the ATRC.

Besides some off-road skills, its helpful if you are reasonably fit or at least “bike fit” as you might be in the saddle all day. Knowing about your bike and what makes it tick helps too because you can’t find an AA van in forest, let alone much of a phone signal.

Carrying a basic tool kit and water is a must, spare inner tubes are great but only if you know how to fit them or have the tools to do so. Though at the end of each lap you will have the chance to return to your vehicle for any track side repairs.

Next thing to consider is your riding gear, motocross clothing is OK when the weather is sunny but if it rains you might want to carry some waterproofs or have a set waiting in the pits….. Spare gloves are great to have at all times !! and maybe some spare goggles.

We would recommend fitting the best or most knobbly tyres you can find to fit your bike that meet the Regulations. At least then you will have the most grip. Bigger bikes need a more heavy duty tyre but more often than not you can still fit an Enduro style tyre to the front. This may change if you are to ride your bike to the
event rather than trailer it, then you might try to find a Dual sport tyre which will perform well on or off-road.

Protecting your bike is a good idea, a suitable sump guard, engine bars, radiator guards and hand guards are all good add ons, but also take off anything you don’t need such as mirrors, tall screens, fog lights and other weight saving items.