About Rallymoto

RallyMoto is an off road motorcycle club that is focused on taking rallying forwards in the UK.

The club was started in 2011 as a way to promote motorcycle rallying in the UK and provide a platform for like minded riders. We are affiliated to the ACU and it is a registered events promoter.

All Terrain Rally Challenge

A series of UK based rallies – with an enduro style follow the arrows format. Long laps and an easy enduro style course.

The club promotes the All Terrain Rally Challenge (ATRC), which is typically run over 6 or 8 UK based events and collates the results for the challenge. The All Terrain Rally Challenge format is one of “timed stages” on a long distance course. There is no navigation and competitors follow a marked course.

The ATRC started life as the Big Bike Rally Challenge, but now the ATRC incorporates all off road bikes with 7 classes of machine in the Challenge today.

RallyMoto was a key part of the Centennial Rally in 2013, which was set up to celebrate 100 years of ISDT/ISDE, which originally took place in Carlisle. RallyMoto celebrated this event by running a three day rally from Carlisle city centre using Kershope and Keilder Forest for the course of the event. Over 130 rider ook part coming form the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.

RallyMoto is at the forefront of promoting roadbook navigational events and rallies both in the UK. The club ran the first “proper” roadbook rally, Pikes Peak for 26 years in the UK, with full GPS tracking for competitors and a speed penalty system.

RallyMoto runs roadbook training and practice days in the UK, affectionately called “Roadbook Capers” to help grow and support the sport. Any member can take part in these one day “fun” events and learn about roadbook nagivation in a friendly and sociable environment.

Tour of Portugal

A popular 3 day roadbook rally based in the centre of Portugal. A great event and a stepping stone for rally riders to learn about overseas events in a friendly and social environment organised and run by RallyMoto and Portugal OffRoad.

This is an event in the centre of Portugal and it was set up to provide a “friendly” roadbook event where riders can learn about how a rally works, roadbook navigation and tracking. Many riders have used the event as a stepping stone to do bigger events.

Wales 500

A real adventure navigation series, consisting of two events for adventure riders and “Big Bikes”. The first one is the Wales 500, a two day event where a team of three riders has to show skills and navigation accuracy to score highly – a real social and fun event based at the fantastic Malvern Show Ground.

And for 2019 we have the Kielder 500 and the IOM 500

Adventure Cannonball Ride Outs

A series of fun roadbook events for members aimed at getting riders into road book navigation. These events are run by members around the UK and RallyMoto is able to provide some “Get you going” roadbook holders to help riders get a feel for roadbook navigation and rallying.

RallyMoto was also instrumental in bringing bikes back to the BAJA GB event in 2015 and 2016 with cars and bikes running in the same event – just like an international rally event. In 2016 RallyMoto also ran a roadbook option for the bikes.

RallyMoto is looking to do more events in the UK.

founder of RallyMoto

About Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes founded RallyMoto in 2011 with the Big Bike Rally Challenge which morphed into the All Terrain Rally Challenge we see today.

Robert, or Burt as many know him, is an ACU Clerk of the Course and registered Forestry Safety Officer along with being an ACU Off Road Coach. He is also an advanced motorcyclist and has owned over 100 motorcycles – so far.

He has been an off road rider for most of his life, starting at the age of 13 and has completed in the Big Bike Rally Challenge, ATRC, several Spanish and Portuguese roadbook rallies, the Merzouga Rally in Morocco. He has toured Europe extensively, has been to Morocco 7 times and been part of a team to set up luxury motorcycle tours in 2006.

He is the driving force behind RallyMoto and passionate about roadbook rallying and navigation.

“We need to bring the sport of rallying to the UK, and the club is the ideal platform to grow, train and develop riders that want to go on to European and International events”

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