Adventure Cannonball Cotswolds

Date: Sunday 28th November 2021 NOW 9th Jan 2022

Start Venue: Charlton Kings Club, 21a Church St, Charlton Kings,
Cheltenham GL53 8AP
Course – 170km and suitable for “Big Adventure Bikes”
Fuel Range – 60km

Time: 10.00am start – 9.30am for roadbooks and hire equipment.
N.B. All roadbooks are in KM

Adventure Cannonball Ride Outs are only open to RallyMoto Members – all trail, enduro and adventure bikes are welcome – the route is prepared for adventure bikes and is big bike friendly.

One entry per Member – Fee – £42.00

The route starts Charlton Kings Club, near Cheltenham. The roadbook is approx 170 km with a fuel range of approx. 60km with lots of opportunities to take a break and have a coffee.

For this Adventure Cannonball we will be running with a number of options and we will be using a full digital app for the first time. The options are:

  1. DIGITAL – 100% Tarmac
  2. DIGITAL – Tarmac / Off Road
  3. Paper Roadbook – 100% Tarmac
  4. Paper Roadbook – Tarmac Off Road

Tis is a really big thing for us and will act as test for the digital app – if all goes well we will offer the digital option on more events BUT we will also be keeping the paper format as well.

Our start venue will act as Rally HQ and we will be able to help riders set up the DIGITAL roadbook and log them onto the RallyMoto Precision Tracking system.

We will have spaces and roadbooks for 40 riders – so get signed up if you want to join in.

The DIGITAL APP has everything you need built into the app, including the GPS tracker. You will need an ANDROID TABLET OR PHONE that is Version 6 or above.

IF you are wanting to go down the traditional paper route, have a look at the following pages to see how the Adventure Cannonball Roadbook holder fits to your bike and also about using your smart phone as an accurate trip or ICO (recommended).

See: “Hire Roadbook Holder Set Up” :

GPS Set up and requirements:

Also download the “Get started with roadbook navigation manual for free.

Members Only