Adventure Cannonball Ride Outs

Adventure Cannonball’s are all about creating adventure events for “Big Bikes” both here in the UK and abroad. Pre-ridden routes are supplied to members at each event and they are navigated by a simple “adventure” style roadbook that the club has pioneered.

As a RallyMoto member you can join our Adventure Cannonball runs,

with the club providing adventure style roadbooks, roadbook holders and we can provide help and training for all  members.

RallyMoto is a club for like-minded adventure riders would want to navigate their own adventures using a simple “adventure” style roadbook. The club organises 12 UK based Adventure Cannonballs at various locations around the UK per annum. All activities are closed to club so you will have to be a member to take part.

The Format

The format of each Adventure Cannonball is the same:-

  • Meet at a pre-determined location
  • Pick up your roadbook and roadbook holder ( the club has over 100 for hire!)
  • Set up
  • Attend the short briefing for the day
  • Ride for 150 – 200km per day – maybe further on the overseas adventures.
  • Get together at the end of the day and talk about the day’s highlights.

About the Roadbook

The roadbook is a simple, easy to understand roadbook with obvious navigation, including road signs, road numbers, cafes, fuel stops, points of interest and photo opportunities. It is not written as a full “rally type” roadbook.

About the Route

The route taken will primarily suit adventure bikes and can be ridden on road or dual sport tyres. All routes will have been pre-ridden and approved for road tyres.


In order to take part in any Adventure Cannonball event or activity you must be a member, this helps us with costs for permits, roadbook printing, organising new routes, permissions where necessary, roadbook holders for hire and maintenance.

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