Another great weekend at Salisbury Plain under the belt with a great turnout for both the training on the Saturday and the Adventure Rally on the Sunday.  As is often the case, the rider who scored the fewest points at the Adventure Rally was not one of our long time members and experienced roadbook navigators, but a novice off-roader and first time Adventure Rallier… A wonderful reminder that there are so many elements at play when Adventure Rallying, mental focus being key, it really can be anybody’s game!

Unlike the Pandemic Adventure Rally, there was no ‘extreme’ option for the roadbook, however the route dished up an array of challenges for the riders, and off road skills were put to the test.  All in all an eventful yet very enjoyable weekend on the Plain with a great group of riders and some excellent riding conditions.  See you at the next one!

Well done to Andy on his KTM690 enduro, who scored the least number of penalty points on the Salisbury Plain Adventure Rally, despite only having learnt the ropes the day before!

Following close behind in second place were longtime members Si and Steff on their trusty CRF300Rally’s, both scoring only 16 points each with NO speeding penalties… just sayin!

Piers opted for the more lightweight option this time with great results.  Having attempted the Pandemic Rally in terrential rain on his GS with road biased tyres several weeks prior, he returned to Salisbury with avengence and scored only 21 points on his Fantic 250.

We will be running another weekend just like this in August.

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