Felix JENSEN is 27 years old and is Norwegian. He is the student and team partner of Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER. He first made an appearance in rally-raid in 2018 on the AFRICA ECO RACE and had finished 4th. Today, a hidden waypoint was challenging for all the riders. Indeed, the WPM only appeared on the GPS when in a 500 meter range. And as all leaders went the wrong way, they took some time to get back on track.
Felix JENSEN was the first to validate this WPM and, onboard his KTM, land wins the first special stage of his young career. The Norwegian beats Patrice CARILLON, first French pilot of the day and his KTM by 1’05’’. Simone AGAZZI with his HONDA, one of the favourites of the race, finishes 3rd at 2’08’’ in front of Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER at 3’44’’. The success of the day is attributed to Domenico CIPOLLONE who arrives in 6th place, only 10’56’’ from the winner. Thanks to this performance, the Italian managed once again to reduce the time between him and ULLEVALSETER as he finishes 5th at 5’44’’, which is 2 minutes ahead of the Norwegian.
Therefore, in the general ranking, BOTTURI still has 5’15’’ ahead. Not much but with only two special stages left, ULLEVALSETER has to react fast. Great day for the legend Franco PICCO who scores 8th, just behind Francisco ARREDONDO. A logical result for this veteran who drove with his experience. Bad news though for the French Guillaume VIDAL who fell on kilometer 40. A fall that required a helicopter transfer to Nouakchott for some medical tests. His KTM caught fire in the accident and was destroyed.


1. Felix Jensen n°102 (NOR) 05 :09 :18
2. Patrice Carillon n°106 (FRA) + 00 :01 :05

3. Simone Agazzi n°116 (ITA) + 00 :02 :08

OVERALL – Bike :
1. Alessandro Botturi n°103 (ITA) 37 :07 :34
2. Pal Anders Ullevalseter n°100 (NOR) + 00 :05 :15
3. Simone Agazzi n°116 (ITA) + 02 :07 :05