After a two hour delay the competitors took to the first 90km stage in the Africa Eco Race 2019
The opening 90km stage didn’t included much difficulty on the technical aspect but, as René METGE said during the general briefing on the boat, the navigation wouldn’t be easy. The Sports Director of the stage could not have been more right as most of the Bike competitors had a hard time finding their way. The only to have perfectly managed his navigation was Alessandro BOTTURI who, on his factory YAMAHA, and therefore was ahead Pal Anders ULLEVALSETTER and his KTM by more than 6 minutes.
Quite some difference for a 90 Km stage but it won’t be hard for the Norwegian to get back on track, unlike Francisco ARREDONDO, one of the favourites of the race, who was 30 minutes behind the winner of the day. On the other hand, Richard KAYE did a good performance with a 3rd place today on his KTM.

Bike :

1. Alessandro Botturi n°103 (ITA) 01 :04 :42
2. Pal Anders Ullevalseter n°100 (NOR) + 00 :06 :09
3. Richard Kaye n°141 (GBR) + 00 :10 :02