ATRC Points 2018

All Terrain Rally Challenge winners in 2018
(Updated 2nd October 2018)


2018 ATRC Points by Class


    PositionRider NameClassBrechfaRyedaleKielderBeaconsIOMTOTAL
    1Dave LeachRally Lite 215150201666
    2Paul BootherRally Lite 114120181357
    3Aled MorganRally Class up to 449cc11110171049
    4Mike WellsRally Class up to 449cc1616001547
    5Robbie WallaceRally Lite 1200002040
    6Jon WeirRally Lite 2020001838
    7Duncan WallaceRally Lite 2913001436
    8Carwyn DaviesRally Lite 280016933
    9Cefin EvansTrail Class131800031
    10Duncan SandersonRally Lite 167001124
    11Bryn LongRally Lite 273001222
    12Richard GriffinTrail Class00015621
    13=Dylan DaviesRally Lite 110800018
    13=Wynne PickersgillRally Lite 218000018
    15Mark HeadRally Lite 221013016
    16=Lee SaltRally Lite 201400014
    16=Ben MorleyRally Lite 100014014
    18Mike JonesRally Class over 449cc12000012
    19Gordon TaylorRally Lite 101000010
    20Andy HayesRally Lite 1090009
    21Alex GoldenTrail Class000088
    22Tony WhiteheadRally Lite 1060006
    23=Paul HoadBig Bike050005
    23=Colin PaddyRally Lite 2500005
    25=Robert HughesRally Class over 449cc040004
    25=Lee SaltTrail Class400004
    27Graham FlettRally Class over 449cc300003
    28=Mark RichardsonBig Bike020002
    28=Martin WalkerRally Class over 449cc020002
    30=John HirstRally Lite 2010001
    30=Joe RyderRally Lite 1100001
     Paul LedgerRally Lite 1000000
     Michael MolloyRally Lite 2000000
     John MorrisRally Lite 2000000
     Jeff ElsomRally Lite 1000000
     Dayne WorganBig Bike000000

    PositionRider NameBrechfaRyedaleKielderBeaconsIOMTOTAL
    1Paul Boother18200202078
    2Duncan Sanderson1514001847
    3Dylan Davies161500031
    4Andy Hayes131600029
    5Robbie Wallace20000020
    6=Gordon Taylor01800018
    6=Ben Morley00018018
    8Joe Ryder14000014
    9Tony Whitehead01300013
    10Paul Ledger12000012
    11Jeff Elsom11000011

    PositionRider NameBrechfaRyedaleKielderBeaconsIOMTOTAL
    1Dave Leach18180201672
    2Carwyn Davies15110181559
    3Duncan Wallace1615001748
    4Jon Weir920001847
    5Bryn Long1414001644
    6Mark Head1213017042
    7=Wynne Pickersgill20000020
    7=Robbie Wallace00002020
    9Lee Salt01600016
    10Colin Paddy13000013
    11John Hirst01200012
    12Michael Molloy11000011
    13John Morris10000010
  • PositionRider NameBrechfaRyedaleKielderBeaconsIOMTOTAL
    1Aled Morgan16180201872
    2Mike Wells2020002060
    3Mike Jones18000018
    4Alex Golden00001717
    5Robert Hughes01600016
    6=Graham Flett15000015
    6=Martin Walker01500015

    PositionRider NameBrechfaRyedaleKielderBeaconsIOMTOTAL
    1=Dayne Worgan20000020
    1=Paul Hoad02000020
    3Mark Richardson01800018

    PositionRider NameBrechfaRyedaleKielderBeaconsIOMTOTAL
    1Richard Griffin1600202056
    2Cefin Evans202000040
    3Lee Salt18000018
    4Alex Golden15000015