ATRC Points 2019

All Terrain Rally Challenge 2019

With four out of five of the rounds in the 2019 All Terrain Rally Challenge completed the series is now hotting up and will come to a crescendo at the Hafren Rally in Mid Wales.

(Updated 11th October 2019)


2019 ATRC Points by Class


    PositionRider NameClassBrechfaRyedaleBeaconsIOMHafrenTOTAL
    1Jordan CorkillRally Lite 220202020080
    2Lee GreenRally Lite 2/Big Bike18181718071
    3Henry RightonRally Lite 211151117054
    4Mike WellsRally Lite 117111410052
    5Andy HayesRally Lite 29141512050
    6Paul BootherRally Lite 18101315046
    7Dave LeachRally Lite 21613160045
    8Martin ConlonRally Lite 1121600028
    9Pepe PowellRally Lite 2140120026
    10Cefin EvansRally Lite 2100014024
    11Dylan WilliamsRally Lite 160611023
    12Gordie TaylorRally Lite 213900022
    13Alex RuckRally Lite 101280020
    14=Duncan SandersonRally Lite 13690018
    14=Antony WhittleRally Lite 200180018
    16John FreemanRally Lite 201700017
    17Adrian MiddletonRally Lite 100016016
    18=Mike AllenRally Lite 150100015
    18=Dylan DaviesRally Lite 115000015
    18=Peter MarriottRally Lite 220013015
    21=Lee SaltRally Lite 2720009
    21=David EvansRally Lite 2000909
    23=John HirstRally Lite 2080008
    23=Rik GriffinBig Bike000808
    25=Tony WhiteheadRally Lite 1070007
    25=Kevin PriceRally Lite 1007007
    27Carwyn DaviesRally Lite 2150006
    28John CareyRally Lite 1005005
    29=Robin LynchRally Lite 1400004
    29=Andrew SeatonRally Lite 2040004
    31Gavin ThomasBig Bike030003
    32John HayesRally Lite 1010001

    PositionRider NameBrechfaRyedaleBeaconsIOMHafrenTOTAL
    1Mike Wells20172015072
    2Paul Boother16161818068
    3=Alex Ruck1118150044
    3=Dylan Williams1501316044
    5Duncan Sanderson1014160040
    6Martin Conlon172000037
    7=John Carey612120030
    7=Mike Allen130170030
    9Adrian Middleton00020020
    10Dylan Davies18000018
    11Peter Marriott00017017
    12Tony Whitehead01500015
    13=Iain Davis14000014
    13=Kevin Price00140014
    15John Hayes01300013
    16Robin Lynch12000012
    17Vanessa Ruck00110011
  • PositionRider NameBrechfaRyedaleBeaconsIOMHafrenTOTAL
    1Jordan Corkill20202020080
    2Dave Leach1717170051
    3Henry Righton1401418046
    4Andy Hayes1201616044
    5=Gordie Taylor151600031
    5=Pepe Powell160150031
    7Cefin Evans130017030
    8=Carwyn Davies91400023
    8=John Hirst81500023
    10Andrew Seaton71300020
    11=Lee Green18000018
    11=John Freeman01800018
    11=Anthony Whittle00180018
    14David Evans00015015
    15Vanessa Ruck01200012
    16Lee Salt11000011
    17Peter Marriott10000010
    18John Carey600006
    19Alex Golden500005
    20Aidan Fyans400004
    21Richard Perrotton300003
  • PositionRider NameBrechfaRyedaleBeaconsIOMHafrenTOTAL
    1Richard Griffin2016018054
    2Lee Green002020040
    3Lee Salt018180036
    4Mark Sigrist017170034
    5Gavin Thomas02000020
    6Aled Morgan18000018
    7Steven Makin01500015