ATRC Points System 2018

All Terrain Rally Challenge Points system
We have tried to instigate a system of scoring that promotes a friendly level of competition for the season. We have made a points system that allows every starter to gain points from each event up to 18th in class.

This allows for increased entries and also keeps the whole challenge competitive on a number of levels.

The system is as follows:-

First place – 20 points
Second place – 18 points
Third place – 16 points
Fourth place – 15 points
Fifth place – 14 points
Six place – 13 points
Seventh place – 12 points
Eighth place – 11 points
Nineth place – 10 points
Tenth place – 9 points
Eleventh place – 8 points
Twelveth place – 7 points
Thirteenth place – 6 points
Fourteenth place – 5 points
Fifteenth place – 4 points
Sixteenth place – 3 points
Seventeenth place – 2 points
Eighteenth place – 1 point
Note: All two day events must be completed on both days to gain points in the All Terrain Rally Challenge (ATRC).

Points will be awarded in all relevant Classes.