Despite the crisis ridden climate of 2020, the organisers at RallyMoto are super stoked to have pulled off some great events which have helped us and our members grow as a club.  We’ve all made it through a good chunk of a challenging period with some epic rides under our belts and many miles covered across this enchanting Island. 

But worry not, as we have no plans to slow down now that the days are shortening… In fact we are very pleased to announce that the future calendar is filling up fast with events and activities to keep your riding and roadbook skills progressing through the winter months.

Here it is in brief:


October 11:  We wrap up our series of Marathon Adventure Cannonballs with the 3rd and final Coast to Coast Roadbook Challenge.


October 24:  Extreme Adventure Cannonball   

By popular demand and for the lovers of more challenging offroad (venue yet to be announced).  


November 1: Salisbury Plain Adventure Cannonball

A follow on event from the training day yet open to all members, an Adventure Cannonball at the popular and accessible Salisbury Plain.

October 31:  Roadbook and Riding Skills Training – Salisbury Plain – 

This will be a practical and classroom based training day for those new to roadbook navigation and less experienced in riding offroad.  We will cover preparing, loading and reading a roadbook, basic off road riding skills and tips, plus a practical roadbook navigation session.  You’ll then have the opportunity to put your training to the test by joining the Salisbury Plain Adventure Cannonball the following day.  


November 22:  Thetford Forest Adventure Cannonball

RallyMoto takes it to the east side with this new Adventure Cannonball in Thetford Forest.  Be prepared for a mixture of wet and sandy terrain to offer a challenge and keep you improving.

Dec 13:  North West Extreme Adventure Cannonball 

Whilst creating the route for the Coast to Coast Roadbook Challenge we discovered so much brilliant offroad we decided was a bit too much to include in a marathon Adventure Rally, but too good to ignore completely.  So back up north we go to the stunning Yorkshire Dales National park and surrounding areas for an extreme Adventure Cannonball event to challenge big bike riders and keep you satisfied over the christmas period.  

But that’s not all folks!  Looking ahead into 2021 we have some very exciting announcements to make…

Feb 22 – 27:  Tour of Portugal Adventure Rally (previously the Estrella 2000)

We will cross the Bay of Biscay to embark on a multi day, marathon Roadbook Adventure from the north coast of spain and into the hills of northern Portugal.  With 4 full days of incredible off road riding, coupled with the luxuries of fantastic local food, wine and accommodation, this is your chance to escape the british winter for a full blown overseas Adventure Rally experience.


April 25/26 – Keilder 500

May 30/31 – Wales 500

Please keep an eye on our site and social pages for updates and announcements.  We will always endeavour to keep you informed as and when things evolve.  Thankyou for your support and patience this year.  We really do rely on the support of our members to keep this show on the road, especially through these tough times.  

We’re happy if you’re happy, and everyone’s happy when they’re on their bike so let’s keep it that way!