As soon as the green light was given for recreational riding we saw a huge number of members getting straight back out there riding their chosen routes for the Ice Breaker Challenge…

And what a beautiful sight it has been.

It’s been a slow and tricky start to the year as far as getting events organised and our calendar finalised, so it’s been a joyous relief for us to read your feedback and see all the images being shared on social media of your Ice Breaker Challenge adventures.  Its been very encouraging for the RallyMoto organisers and route planners to see so many happy riders out there having some fun again, but also to see the community of members sharing their experiences with each other, offering tips, information and recommendations.  We’ve seen brave first timers out riding the routes solo, couples out exploring together, as well as groups from motorcycle clubs enjoying some trail time together, many sharing their photos, stories, plus some full length videos from the Cheshire Adventure Riders.

The current deadline for the Ice Breaker Challenge is the end of May, so there’s still plenty of time to ride the routes, plus there are still two routes yet to be finalised and posted out.  As our ability to ride recces was put on hold for a while during lockdown, it meant that a couple of the routes were unable to be finalised until very recently.  These will be ready very soon and posted out as soon as they are good to go!

Wales Ice Breaker Challenge completed today.  It’s a very enjoyable route with some great views.
Mark Hollingsworth

Just back from the Welsh Icebreaker.  Best day out for an absolute age!!! A huge moral boost a a reminder of why I love riding so much!
Huge thanks Team RallyMoto
Rich Sutton

Brilliant route around the cotswolds today. Well done Burt and the team. Loved it. Dry and dusty, not how I envisaged doing the ice breaker 😉👍

Neville Duke

A fab result this week… the Peak District on Monday (two up!) and the Cotswolds today. Brilliant routes thank you…

Emma & Nigel

In the meantime we’ve taken the liberty of sharing some posts from our social media pages for those who may not use those platforms.  If you do, then be sure to join the RallyMoto facebook group for general banter, updates, advice etc, as well as the Ice Breaker Challenge facebook group for specific updates on this event.

As always thanks to everyone who’s taking on the Ice Breaker challenge with such patience and positivity.  It’s been a long wait but we hope it’s worth it.  The feedback and sharing of content has been great and is an inspiration to us all to get out there and enjoy what we’re here to do, go Adventure Rallying!

Great day following Graham Jung and Chris Barwick on the Cotswold Icebreaker – first time out for an age and really enjoyable.

Ben Morley

A day of dodging tanks with the KTM on the Salisbury Icebreaker… think I’ll take my own tank (the GSA) on the next one…

Richard Douglas

Did the Salisbury Icebreaker Challenge today with Mike Britt.  A great time was had by all. Nothing exploded.

Jim Heynderickx

A fun day on the Salisbury ice breaker. Brilliant route Burt and team

Simon and Steff

Check out these Youtube Channels for Ice Breaker Videos…

A big shout out to all the riders taking part in the Ice Breaker Challenge and a huge thankyou for all who shared their experiences. 

This was our first time running a ‘Rally in a Box’ event, and your feedback has been both encouraging and hugely helpful.   We will cerainly be running more of these in the future to give our members more freedom to ride throughout varying forms of restrictions.  

Cheers, from Burt and the team.