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Well! Where to start 🤦🏻‍♂️ only my second ever Roadbook began today, Yorks.
Thank you to everyone who was involved in the planning.
Probably a good example of me getting my ambition mixed up with my ability😳🤪😜 and decided to call it a day at 14:00 after binning my CRF1100L twice!!.
Still learning to navigate and enjoying it, wondering if I should have chosen the road option but that’s my choice 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Take care on the second water crossing as it’s quite rocky, though I didn’t go over.
Perhaps not the smartest move doing it on my own, I just don’t like the idea of following and I want to make my own mistakes and learn if that makes sense.
I shall return!!! Enjoy everyone it’s only a game! 🤣🤣🤣😳🏁👍
Jez Carr

Fantastic day on the Salisbury route. Wind wasn’t a problem (apart from on the journey down when the peak on the helmet kept trying to rip my head off) and only two short rain showers. Great mix of tricky technical bits of fast flowing bits (see, no mention of off-road) Only had two tactical dismounts, annoyingly one where I had missed a turn and ended up on some super slippery chalk. But the big GSA performed brilliantly, stick her in 2nd and just let the tick over torque pull you through. Some of the ruts were deep enough to be scuffing the crash bars and cylinders along the banks, and I certainly cleared lots of foliage if anyone takes the left hand of the over grown lanes. Looking forward to the next route
Paul Evans

Just completed thetford bsc, completed Yorkshire on Thursday and peaks on Friday got drenched yesterday on way down , big thanks to the lines men , fantastic trails , I would be lying if I said I thought it was easy , riding a crf1000 fully loaded up 🤗🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️, big thanks to si and Steph who I met on Thursday and Friday on there crf300 rally’s who kept in touch and helped with any problems I had with navigation, been learning to read road book as I’ve went on , and big thanks to Burt and bill who kept me right when ran into couple of technical issues with app, app crashed on Yorkshire and peaks , still managed to hit all way points and complete, was out 10-12 hours both days. today app ran smoothly recorded all way points, completed todays in just under 7 hours , quite pleased with my self . Just sat at walker’s snak bar debating whether or not to continue, was going to do north Kent next , but wether ain’t looking could for next to days , and with me traveling on motorways between BSC back tyre has been ate up , I’m running a mitas E-10 Dakar 150/70/18,,, don’t suppose any one local to here knows any where I could get one off the shelf tomorrow do they or maybe near to Kent , or any one have something similar for sale . I based up north so if I return home I won’t be traveling back down to complete all six . Favourite part of the BSC so far was all the peaks route from the communications mast onwards absolutely fantastic on the old girl
David Thomas

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Thanks Si and Steff for sharing your Blazing Saddles adventures!