For the months of December and January we ran the Tri-Cafe Challenge, a 100% tarmac, roadbook rally in the Gloucestershire and south Wales area.

The route was made up of three roadbook routes, accessed via the RallyMoto digital roadbook app, which started and finished at three fantastic motorcycle cafes; the Oily Rag, HR4K, and the Baffle Haus. It gave the regular cafe to cafe run a fun, navigational twist, and was a great way to introduce riders to roadbook, as well as provide a less demanding way to practise their roadbook navigation.

Being completely road based meant that the event was not just limited to motorcycles, with four out of the fourty odd participants opting for the comfort of their four wheeled vehicle instead, bringing their friend or family member along to do the navigating.

With so many wonderful motoring cafes throughout the UK, there are plenty of options for more ‘cafe to cafe’ roadbook challenges.

We want to hear from YOU to find out what your favourite moto cafes/ pit stops/ venues are around the UK.