100% tarmac, cafe to cafe roadbook challenge 


The Cannonball Tri-Cafe Challenge is ready to roll in December through January with three roadbooks leading you along the most enjoyable, scenic routes to three of the West country’s best motorcycle cafes: the Oily Rag in Gloucester, HR4K in Hereford, and the Baffle Haus near Pontypool.


These routes stay away from the dirt so you can continue to rally through the winter without changing your tyres. The roadbooks can be ridden in any order, in as many days as you like, on whatever days you prefer, and with whoever you choose! However, riders who complete all three roadbooks in one day will be rewarded for their efforts in the form of a limited edition Tri Cafe Challenge T-shirt!


What do you need to get started? A road-legal motorcycle, an android device mounted to your bars, and a thirst for adventure (and coffee)! Sound like a bit of you?