The team at RallyMoto are very excited bring you not only a brand new type of event, but a completely new concept and a huge step forward for the world or Roadbook Rallying.


The Cannonball Challenge is a road based series of roadbook events with a difference.  You won’t require a rally tower, a roadbook holder, a trip, a compass, a tracker, or even a roadbook!  Now the entire roadbook and everything you’ll need to navigate is available in a single app.  


By popular demand from those who would like to dip their toes into roadbook rallying but without getting their boots dirty, we have decided to create a series of road based adventures accessible via our brand new RallyMoto Cannonball Challenge App.  The app will contain all the elements required to navigate by roadbook, alleviating the participant of the need to invest in an array of navigation equipment to take part, and giving more riders the opportunity to enjoy the thrills of roadbook rallying.

This event is still in the planning stages, so stay tuned for more to be revealed very soon!