In the depth of Autumn, on the weekend of halloween, RallyMoto members met again at Brown Riggs Lodges in Bellingham to take part in the final big organised event of 2021, the Dark Skies Rally.

This event would see riders in the ‘Adventure Class’ attemp two stages, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday.  Those who entered in ‘Rally Class’ would also ride both Saturday and Sundays’ stages, as well as an additional night stage in the middle.

This was a true test of commitment and endurance, with the bitter northern chill in the air, some terrential downpours, long hours on the bikes and the pitch black darkness which is Kielder Forest by night.

There was a great buzz about the weekend, with many riders showing their dedication to the sport and their love of adventure in general.  We never fail to be impressed by our members who show up event after event, often riding across the country to get there, pitch a tent in the pouring rain, ride all day in the dirt and mud with no idea where they’re headed, manage their repairs out on the trail or through the night to enable them to keep riding, wind on their manual roadbooks with stiff cold fingers, get lost, find their way again, help fellow riders out of ditches and bogs…

That’s the spirit of Adventure Rallying.

Until the next one is ready to lauch, here is a link to the photos captured over the weekend.  You can also find them by heading to the Dark Skies event page.

Thanks again for the great etiquette out on the trails.  The feedback from locals, police and forestry has been absolutely fantastic and we owe that to you, our members, ambassadors, and team behind the scenes.  See you all again soon!