We acknowledge and respect the fact that many of our members travel great distances to ride our events.  Often riders will incorporate a rally into a greater adventure, making the most of their time on the bike.

For instance some of the riders at the latest Tour of Wales Roadbook Challenge had ridden the TET north from Devon then used the event to navigate them south again, resulting in a mega weekend of riding which maximised some of the best adventure routes and scenery in wales.

It’s not very often, however, that we have the honour of welcoming a participant from the mainland…

Meet Willfried.  Departing Saturday at 5am on his 701 from his home in Germany, he journeyed for 12 hours to get to Chester for sign on that evening.  The following day he rode for 12 hours on the Tour of Wales, finishing at around 8pm.  He slept for about 3 hours in the hotel Sunday night, before commuting back across the channel in time for work Monday afternoon.

When asked why he travelled so far, just to ride this event he explained, “Because in Germany such an event is not possible”.  And it’s true.  We may think we are restricted by the amount of offroad riding we have available to us in the UK, but in Germany and Austria almost all of the dirt roads are closed to motorised vehicles, meaning they have to journey abroad to get their adventure bikes dirty.

And what did he think of his experience on his first ever roadbook rally?

“Perfect.  Amazing. The tracks, the scenery, I think you have only here”.

But he’s not done with us yet!  Willfried is signed up for the final Marathon Adventure Rally of the season, the Coast 2 Coast Roadbook Challenge in a couple of weeks time and said he can’t wait..

Now there’s an adventurous spirit!

It’s a wonderful thing to think that the UK could be a destination for foreign adventure riders.  We really are fortunate to have such incredible and varying scenery, world class trails and amazing riding roads on this small island, and it’s all right here on our doorstep for those who choose to explore it…