Digital App Specification

The current specification for the RallyMoto digital app is:

Android version 8 or above
Tablet or smartphone with SIM Card

Watch the video below for updates on the latest version of the app as of June 2023.

Outline Operating Instructions

ROADBOOKS: To load a roadbook press “SELECT ROUTE” – enter the “password” and the roadbook will load.

To change a roadbook – PRESS and HOLD the centre of the roadbook screen for 5 – 7 seconds and release – select exit roadbook and the “SELECT ROUTE” button will reappear – press and select a new route.


Android Tablet Spec:
Any Tablet running Android Version 8 or above. The latest version of the Android operating system is version 12.

You will need a tablet that has a SIM card facility (for registration and for GPS Tracking)

Search for a rugged case to match your tablet. Tip: Use the model number of the tablet in your search.

A cheap Pay As You Go SIM card is fine as the app uses very little data when tracking.

We use a ball mount system to attach to the bike simply.