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The many routes to roadbook rallying


Check out our range of events and training opportunities to accommodate riders of all levels and experience.





Our Adventure Cannonballs events are held the most frequently in various locations around the UK.  They are non competitive, have a common start and finish and are normally between 150 – 200km in length.

The Cannonballs are the best events to take part in to start your journey into Roadbook Navigation, and we welcome members of all levels of skills and experience.


The 500’s series. 

Forestry tracks are used to access some of the best ‘big bike’ trails in the UK. 

Expect a sophisticated points system which issues penalties for speeding and incorrect navigation.  Precision GPS tracking gives a detailed analysis of each rider’s performance.  Winners are established based on the points system and prizes are awarded.  Multi day events with an overall distance of around 500kms.



To welcome you to the world of Adventure Rallying and Roadbook Navigation we offer training days to compliment the online training package provided to our members.  Short, practise routes are designed to get you started on your roadbook journey, and here you are given the chance to try it out before entering one of our events.

Available as organised group events or one to one/ small group bookings.



Ready for a real big bike challenge!  These are technically non competitive events, although the navigation accuracy of each rider can be analysed after the event with the use of our GPS tracking system.  Riders are encouraged to  focus on correct navigation rather than speed.

‘Bivouac to bivouac’ in style, meaning a different start and finish location, and are between 300 – 500 kms in length.




The final step before professional Rally Racing.

With advanced roadbooks, more challenging terrain, full GPS tracking and points system, these are designed for more advanced rally riders.

Full Adventure Rally rules  – Roadbooks are handed out 1 hr before the start time.

Single or multi day events.



We are granted special access to Keilder Forest which, having over 600kms of forest tracks and fire roads, is a dream for Adventure Bike riders. 

For two days we ride, practise roadbook navigation, and help to build off road riding skills.

Rally in a Box

A World First – a “Rally in a Box®” Event

RallyMoto has created the ICE BREAKER CHALLENGE for its members, due to traditional events and ride outs being harder to set up and run during these difficult times.

Now YOU choose what route you ride, when you ride and who you ride with.

This is


If any riders have any questions please email [email protected] or call 0770 392 4448.

Will my new bike be OK as I don’t want to damage it?

We would consider the tracks and back roads we use to be perfect for the “Big” adventure bikes that are able to cover distance and handle light off road. The courses are designed for minimal damage to your bike. Of course we cannot guarantee everything as it is a bit of an adventure after all.  We will be sure to notify you if a particular route is especially challenging and if you would be better off on off road biased tyres.

Is my bike suitable?

Our routes are tailored for adventure bikes, as often there are long distances covered and the off road sections aren’t too technical.  Some of our more ‘extreme’ events can be ridden on smaller enduro and trail bikes, but overall our aim is to provide riders of big bikes a places to ride and experience what their adventure bikes are really capable of and actually made for!  There are many places available for enduro riders in the UK, however routes suitable for taking big bikes off road are less common, hence why we aim to provide for this realm of riders.  

Do I need to bring fuel?

No. Definitely not, the route passes commercial fuel stations and you should refuel here. Maximum distance between fuel stops is 80-100 km (50 – 60 miles). Just make sure you are fully fuelled at the start.

Do I need my own roadbook equipment?

No, RallyMoto provide an “adventure roadbook holder” to each rider. This has to returned after the event.

Do I need an accurate trip?

Yes, at this adventure level of riding we use an app on a Smart phone which is very good and it attached to the supplied roadbook holder.

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