Getting Started With Roadbook Navigation

Training Series

1.  An Introduction to Roadbook Navigation.

  • Welcome to RallyMoto
  • Why RallyMoto Started
  • Dispelling the Myths of Rallying
  • Why we are focused on ‘Adventure Rallying’


2.  The Anatomy of a Roadbook

  • A Standard Format
  • Roadbook Header 
  • The Columns
  • The ‘Golden Rule’ of Roadbooking
  • Getting to the Start Point
  • Waypoints


3.  Roadbook Signs and Symbols

  • Roads and tracks 
  • Danger Symbols 
  • Common Landmark Symbols 
  • Common Terrain Symbols 
  • Common Instruction Symbols 
  • Speed Control Symbols 
  • Common Organisational Symbols 
  • Waypoints

Roadbook Symbols PDF (Download)

Try our roadbook symbols Quiz and test your knowledge

4.  Roadbook Navigation Gear

  • Trips
  • RallyMoto Paper Hire Unit
  • Manual Roadbook Holders
  • Electronic Roadbook Holders
  • Digital Roadbooks

Fitting the Hire Unit plus Free Trip Download Options