For those riders who have taken the option to hire one of our roadbook holders here are the instructions for fitting to the bike.

  1. You will need a clear space on the handle bars (handlebar diameter needs to be 30mm) between the location points to the top yoke. A gap underneath the bars of approx 10mm is required to fit the bracket. You will also need to tape the bars to pad them out a little as the diameter of the bracket is 31.6mm – so approx 1.5mm of padding.

  2. The bracket fits onto the bars and has a 30mm opening for the roadbook holder to be attached as one unit and tightened to the bars using 4off 4mm allen bolts (supplied)
  3. The tube on the roadbook hold fits into the bracket and is secured by two 3mm allen key bolts (supplied)
  4. The roadbook holder is now in place. Check that there is enough clearance around the roadbook holder so nothing catches when turning the bars. Also make sure you can see your trip.
  5. On the top of the roadbook holder is a mounting plate for a mobile phone to be used as an accurate trip. An accurate trip makes roadbook navigation easier – so consider using an accurate trip or a mobile phone app.

    Apps are available for Android phones – (free)

    and for iOS phones – The TripMaster App is free: (free)

    or the RallyBlitz app which is paid for  (£19.99)

  6. The mobile phone can simply be cable tied to the mounting plate.
  7. The mobile phone should be connected to the power when used as a trip.
  8. If you don’t think this system will work on your bike – email me so we can look at other options – [email protected]