Welcome to the Ice Breaker Challenge for 2024 including the C2C2C

Entries for the Ice Breaker 2024 are now closed.

I’m sorry for the delay in getting the dedicated Ice Breaker 2024 app to you, but we wanted to make sure everything was good and we have improved the REGISTER GPS procedure and the REGISTER EVENT process, which make registration easier.

The new Ice Breaker Challenge App has new features, such as Waypoint Verification, just like in desert rallies, speed monitoring and penalties built in and a Warning System for !!! Danger points on the roadbook.

The support desk is here to help you in the Registration Process, Getting Started and Tracking you whilst you are out on course. We are not here 24/7 but if you let us know when you are riding we can be here to monitor your progress.

Please take time to read these instructions as this is the latest version of the App and there have been some upgrades and changes. The Ice Breaker and C2C2C roadbooks will only be available in the dedicated Ice Breaker 2024 App.

You will need a device that has a SIM Card fitted and is set up for Voice, Data and SMS.

“REGISTER GPS” – this is important.

  1. Down load and install App, the Download link is below.
  2. Once the App is installed the REGISTER GPS form should appear. Complete this form and press send.
  3. THE SMS is send to our support desk and we can add your GPS Tracker ID to our RallyMoto GPS Tracking System.
    Why do we do this?
    1. We can track and monitor progress whilst you ride the route. If there is a road closure or you are off course, we can help get you back on track.
    2. The GPS tracking system acts as a back up for results and we can monitor your track if there are any waypoint verification issues we can check your track post ride.
  4. The digital roadbook system will then load. Make sure your GPS Tracker is “ON”
  5. Load the sample roadbook built into the app by press SELECT ROUTE, check the operation of the roadbook and check to see if your remote controller (Optional) works with the app.
  6. Once your GPS tracker is LIVE on our system at Rally HQ, we will then send you the passwords for the roadbooks in the challenge by SMS to the device you have registered.

Loading Ice Breaker Challenge and C2C2C Challenge roadbooks.

Roadbooks for the Challenges will be available from the 1st January 2024

Loading a roadbook:
– Press the SELECT ROUTE button in the centre of the roadbook screen
– Drop down of available routes will be displayed.
– Select your route
– A password will be requested for each roadbook – enter the correct password.
– The roadbook will then load and you are ready to head off to the start point for each roadbook.


–  About 24 hours before starting a route – let us know by using the ReGISTER EVENT form
– Press the three vertical white dots in the blue band at the top of the app – this will dropdown a menu
– Select the REGISTER EVENT form and tell us which route and when you will be riding.


– The Start location for each roadbook is listed in the the roadbook itself, with an address, postcode and a What 3 Words reference.
– Once at the start location:
– Make sure your GPS tracker is switched to the “ON” position
– PRESS the Blue “START” button in the middle of the screen to activate the Waypoint Verification system (this is different to previous apps)

See the video below to see how the WayPoint Verification system works:




Support Desk email: