After three months of roadbooking through the coldest months, the 2024 Ice Breaker Challenge is finally over.

The results are in, and they are off the charts!


In Summary


  • 146 riders entered the event.
  • 560 routes ridden in total!!!
  • 54 riders completed the Coast to Coast to Coast segment (4 roadbooks), and earned a special t-shirt for their efforts.
  • 91 completed 3 or more routes, which means mission accomplished!
  • Of those 91 riders, 47 completed 5 or more, and are therefore the 2024 Ice Man Yetis!
  • 14 riders completed all nine routes!!!! They earned some serious kudos!
Although there is no award for completing all nine routes, let’s give a round of applause to those who did!
They are:
Peter Collins
Adrian Douglas
Paul Evans
Tony Green
Ian Higson
Stefan Maguire
Daniel Newby-Ricci
Nick Odermatt
Richard Perrotton
Steve Saunders
Michael Spice
David Thorpe
Steve Wass
Tim Redman
Given the route locations which are spread throughout the UK, riding all nine of them is a massive accomplishment, especially over the winter months!
Tim Redman, a recent addition to the RallyMoto ambassador team, took it one step further and went on a roadbooking marathon and rode 7 of the routes in 7 days!!!
Well done to everyone who took part, and thank you for sharing your adventures along the way!
For full results click here.