1 January 2022 – 31 March 2022

For 2022 we are going DIGITAL and the Ice Breaker Challenge will only be available on a Digital Roadbook platform.

Why are we going digital?
Easier to update roadbooks, last year we had to reprint over 200 roadbooks for course corrections!
– Easier to track and verify the route – plus we can make it more like an adventure rally – with accuracy of navigation in stages and also adherence to speed limits on the route.
– Last year we “lost” over 40 roadbook holders and not all the roadbooks were returned.
– With a digital roadbook we can offer you all 8 routes to ride and an “Iceman Yeti” Award

The Challenge is on! 
You are to ride 3 roadbook routes out of 8 from around the UK and keep riding through winter. Completing three routes correctly means you will qualify for the Ice Breaker Award but if you want to you can ride all of the routes and qualify for the “Ice Man Yeti” award.

You will need to be a RallyMoto member to take part in the Ice breaker Challenge.

YOU choose what route you ride, when you ride and who you ride with.


Dates: 1 January 2022 – 31 March 2022

ENTRY FEE:  Digital App – £99.00 (Android only)

Digital roadbook routes will be around 150 – 160km and available on the digital app:

Route 1: The Peaks (Grading: Green)
Route 2: Salisbury Plain (Grading: Green/Amber)
Route 3: Cotswold (Grading: Green/Amber)
Route 4: Hexham (Grading: Green/Amber)
Route 5: Essex (Grading: Green/Amber)
Route 6: Mid Wales & Borders (Grading: Green/Amber)
Route 7: The Lake District (Grading: Green/Amber)
Route 8: South Downs (Grading: Green/Amber)

All roadbooks are graded as EASY to comprehend.

Check out our route and roadbook grading system

Remember: You must be a Full RallyMoto member to enter the events.

Ride 3 from the 8 available digital roadbook routes or ride all the routes to qualify for the “Iceman Yeti” Award (Digital only)

What do you get: Digital Roadbook Challenge

For the Ice Breaker Challenge you will receive:

  • Full instructions on what to do and how it works
  • Safety Brief
  • Download a full working App (Android 6 and above only)
  • Access to all the roadbooks.
  • Updated roadbooks automatically
  • A Ice Breaker Challenge 2022 Screen sticker
  • Two Ice Breaker Challenge 2022 bike stickers
  • Special Gift from RallyMoto


How does it work?

  • Sign up and enter the Challenge, including payment.
  • Download the app to your tablet or phone (Android 6 or above)
  • Register your tablet of phone through the app – so we can add you to the GPS tracking system.
  • Register for the event – ICE BREAKER CHALLENGE.
  • Download the roadbook route.
  • Start riding the route with the GPS tracking slider in the app “turned ON”
  • Complete the route and turn GPS Tracking in the App “OFF”


What happens if you complete 3 routes?

For the riders that complete the course for 3 roadbooks, which is GPS verified on the RallyMoto Precision GPS Tracking system. We will add their names to a draw for a free entry into the Wales 500 and the Kielder 500 2022.

There will be 1 place for the Wales 500 and one place for the Kielder 500.

What happens if you do all the routes?

If you do all the routes and these are verified on the tracking system then RallyMoto will award you the “Iceman Yeti” award. 

Some frequent questions answered …

What type of bike can I use for the Ice Breaker Challenge?

On our RallyMoto Challenge events we do not restrict the type of bike you can use. Routes are graded and created to be Big Bike friendly – but you can ride any bike you want to.

Do I need my own roadbook holder?

No. RallyMoto can supply a “hire” roadbook holder as part of the entry fee. If you have your own roadbook holder that’s great.

What if I breakdown?

Due to the nature of this event – you are on your own. It maybe good to ride in a small group or in pairs.

Will I need off-road tyres?

We have made suggestions as to the route and terrain. We would recommend a tyre with some off-road capability – like a dual sport tyre or a full off-road tyre.

Can I ride with my mates?

Yes, the Ice Breaker Challenge can be a solo or a group effort with participants riding together.

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