It goes without saying, the Ice Breaker Challenge, our first ever ‘Rally in a Box’ series of routes throughout the UK, has been a major success, keeping our members occupied and free to ride roadbook adventures on their own schedule.

Not only has it been great seeing images and stories being shared amongst the riders, but we’ve noticed a community spirit strengthening, with lots advice and words of encouragement becoming prevalent on our social media pages and groups.

Mark Hollingsworth – Lakes

The deadline for the event for those who still have routes to ride, is May 29th, and we note that there are a significant amount of roadbooks still out there. Understandably it’s not been the easiest few months to ride, together with restrictions gradually lifting and the weather being less than desirable quite a lot of the time, but we hope our continued extensions of the deadline did help most members to ride at least some of their chosen routes, and due to insurance reasons we have to stick with this date as the cut off for roadbooks to be sent back to us.

Thomas A Briggs – South Downs

David Thorpe – Essex

Due to the amount of demand for this kind of ‘independent’ rally event, we will 100% be offering more of these in the future, and with the develpment of our RallyMoto digital roadbooking app, we may even look into integrating the formats, streamlining the whole experience and providing members with everything they need to get going on their smart device.  

But for now with so many adventure still waiting to be had…

What are you waiting for?