There’s plenty that’s covered in 2021’s final issue of RallyMoto magazine.  Not only did we have several events in the much beloved Kielder Forest to feature, but also a whole year of Adventure Rallies to reflect on!  Once again some great contributions from several RallyMoto members are included which we always appreciate and very much encourage.  After all, this is a members magazine, and we want your voices heard and your experiences shared so we can grow this community of Adventure Rally riders in the UK and beyond!

Read the Nov/ Dec issue of RallyMoto Magazine

The Ice Breaker Challenge is coming up soon and as it’s a remote style of Adventure Rally we’ll be relying on your photos and stories from your adventures to feature in the Jan/ Feb edition of the magazine, so please send them to [email protected] if you feel so inclined.

Wishing you all the best over the holiday period and here’s to a new year full of adventures, enjoyment, and plenty of time on two wheels!