It’s no question that the option for navigating using the RallyMoto digital roadbook app is becoming increasingly popular amongst members.

The ease of prep with the ‘plug and play’ set up is understandably attractive for those new to the sport.  Not only that, but it keeps the costs down, adds minimal weight to the front end of the bike, and gives the rider access to a few extra features, such as waypoint verification and instant, automated results (on selected events).
In response to this and to align with our mission of making rallying accessible to all, we’ve invested in fleet of 60 digital hire units, consisting of a tablet with the app and sim card installed, plus a rugged case and ram mount.  Unlike the paper roadbook hire units, where riders must provide their own ICO/ trip meter, with the digital hire units, everything is contained within the app.  So as long as you have a space to mount a tablet on your handlebars, you’re good to go!
The digital hire units will be showcased for the first time at the ABR Festival in June after which they will be made available at certain RallyMoto events. 
Getting started with Adventure Rallying has never been easier!