The UK’s premium Roadbook Rally Series just got bigger!

In 2023 we launched the RallyMoto Cup, a 3 round roadbook series which awarded a silver trophy to the rider with the lowest number of penalty points accumulated across the Kielder 500, Wales 500 and Dark Skies Rally.  The series was open only to those who entered into Rally Class in all three events, however for 2024, we are changing things up in a big and exciting way!

What’s New?

In 2024 we are introducing an expanded class structure, an improved scoring system and a whole new series!
We will begin by explaining the new class system.  Where previously there was the option to enter the three events in either Rally Class or Adventure Class, riders can now choose from three classes;

Rally Class

Expect special stages timed to the second, incremental speeding penalties, and longer, faster stages, with the occasional special stage having an uncapped top speed.  Rally Class riders can enter into the RallyMoto Cup Roadbook series just as before, with a silver trophy up for grabs at the end of the season.

Adventure Rally Class

A new class for those who want more of the competitive element, but aren’t fussed about going fast.   There will be special stages timed to the minute, capped top speeds and overspeed penalties.  Riders can enter all three events in Adventure Rally Class and have their scores accumulated onto the leaderboard of the new series – The Big Bike Rally Challenge.

Adventure Class

There will be no timed stages for Adventure Class riders.  The goal is to score Zero points and win a ‘Zero Hero’ award by hitting all of the waypoints on course, and receiving no speeding penalties.
By restructuring the class categories and fine tuning the scoring system we aim to make the roadbooking experience more exciting, more inclusive for different levels of rider and more challenging for those who want it.
Round one of the RallyMoto Cup and the Big Bike Rally Challenge is the Kielder 500 in March, so choose your class, register your interest and let’s 3 – 2 – 1 GO for a new year of roadbooking adventures!