2023 is well underway and so are preparations for RallyMoto’s first big Adventure Rally of the year, and round one of the all new RallyMoto Cup.

The Reccy

Getting out of the office and into the wilderness in the 4x4s to run some route checks is one of our favourite parts of our job, especially when it involves a drive into the Kielder Forest!

After a reccy trip into Northumberland to check out the state of the forest tracks for the upcoming Adventure Spec Kielder 500, we’ve come away with both a lot to be excited about, and quite a lot of work to do!




Our ongoing relationship with Kielder Forestry has been a good one. Representatives of Forestry England have made a point in highlighting the benefits that our events bring to the local economy, as well as serving to prove to other organisations that they are open hosting bike events, so long as they are well organised, respectful and have the support of the local community.

“What you do is you help Forestry England, the police and the local authorities when we get into discussions with people saying “Well you do nothing for motorbiking do you?” We can say “ Actually that’s not quite correct. Have you seen the RallyMoto event which is really responsible and all the farmers love them?”

– Forestry England.

We owe this wonderful reputation to the members who show up year after year, and adhere to the speed limits and ride respectfully through this shared wilderness area.  Because of this we are welcomed back year after year and granted the priviledge of riding in one of the most vast wilderness off road riding areas available in the UK.

The Reward


Well folks, our efforts have been rewarded this year as we have been offered a whole new and unexplored area of forestry to incorporate into the Kielder 500! Upon investigation into the new forest area, we were delighted to discover undulating landscape, single tracks weaving through dense forest and opening out to reveal those dramatic long views we know and love.

There are about 50 km of new trails to add in to the existing route, extending the events’ boundaries to the north. Our recce trip to check our tried and tested routes hence became a journey of exploration and discovery! (And of course plenty of PR).

The Rework


So it’s back to the drawing board to amend the roadbook for the upcoming Adventure Rally.  This also means another trip to Kielder Forest to recheck what we’ve done.  Oh well!

We are very much looking forward to catching up with our members, meeting some new faces and getting the ball rolling on the RallyMoto Cup UK Roadbook Series!

Whether you’re in Adventure Class of Rally Class, you’re going to have one mega adventure!

See you at the start line!