We have developed our own “Precision GPS Tracking System” for RallyMoto events. We have 200 trackers, so we can monitor all participants of RallyMoto events for both safety and accuracy of navigation.

The system is accurate to 3m on the ground and can also be used to enforce speed restriction areas. All our events will be set up for accuracy of navigation and with closely monitored speed restriction areas.

The trackers need to be powered by a continual connection to the bikes battery and will need a power lead setting up in advance or just prior to an event.

The team will be on hand at a few adventure cannonball events to complete a few finals trials with members that volunteer to be tracked.

We will also be setting up a mobile tracking system in a support vehicle.

RallyMoto’s new “Precision GPS Tracker” units

Rider tracked with new system – showing 3m accuracy on the ground.