If you are new to the world of Adventure Rallying then the thought of signing up to your first event may seem a daunting prospect.
This is why we have put together a day of training tailored for those who wish to learn the basics of Roadbook navigation and get a feel for riding offroad.

Over the winter we will be hosting a number of special “Adventure Rally” and roadbook training days. Initially participants will learn the basics of Roadbook Navigation online and then apply their newly acquired skills on a number of roadbook routes the RallyMoto team have created on Salisbury Plain.

The practical roadbook exercises with get progressively more challenging and prepare you for Adventure Cannonball routes moving to Adventure Rally type navigation and techniques.

Riders will also have the opportunity to learn some basic offroad skills with Burt and the team, enabling them to get a feel for the dirt and what their adventure bike is capable of in more varied terrain.

Once you have completed the online training and the three practical roadbook exercises you will be “Ready to Adventure Rally”


For more information and to sign up to the roadbook training days click here.