For 2023 RallyMoto is running a series of three roadbook rally events that will be combined into the RallyMoto Cup for the Rally class. The three events will be, the Kielder 500, the Wales 500 and the Dark Skies Kielder event.

Over the three events, there will be 6 days of riding. We will take each event as a stage for the RallyMoto Cup – so there will be 3 stages and three chances to score or loose points. The rider with the least number of points at the end of the 6 days riding will be the RallyMoto Cup winner.

Each of the days will consist of approximately 250 – 300km, with multiple timed stages per day (capped top speed), speed zones and some complex navigation, including blind tulips and cap with specific waypoints to hit on the route.

We will be running both paper and digital roadbooks for the series.