In an era of decreased travelling and adventures, we recently sparked some interest from Motorcycle News magazine.  Initially it was the Ice Breaker Challenge which got their attention, as we did what we could to facilitate roadbook adventures for our members who were experiencing all kinds of lockdown restrictions throughout the UK.  More recently we’ve been in discussion with the guys from MCN about organising a road based roadbook challenge, and it was this idea which prompted us to reveal something that’s been in development throughout the lockdown months.  

As they say in the article above, we soon plan to launch a new event which will give tarmac-only riders a chance to enjoy the adventures of roadbooking without the hefty investment in rally kit, and without getting their bikes dirty riding off road. 

The Cannonball Challenge App will enable riders to access not only the roadbook, but all the gadgets needed to ride a roadbook rally.  From a single screen on your smart phone or tablet you will be able to access a trip, speedometer, stopwatch, CAP bearing and of course the relevant roadbook.

We anticipate that this platform will open up the playing field for more riders to be able to experience roadbooking and all the fun times that go with it. 

As for our valued members who prefer it in the dirt, stay tuned as we may just have something in the pipeline for you as well…