RallyMoto September Newsletter and Events Update

9th September 2021

We are doing things in a new way with a video newsletter, as we thought it might be good to talk to you directly about what’s going on at RallyMoto. We will keep you posted on a regular basis. Let us know if you like the format.

Dark Skies Rally – October 30/31

First thing to say is there is a change of format for the event. We have been working with Forestry England and we are now able to use the Saturday and the Sunday, making the Dark Skies a two day event.

We will also have two classes.

Adventure Class will run on Saturday and Sunday and will be in daylight. Both days will be approx 6/7 hours of riding. The terrain and navigation will be similar to the Kielder 500, so for all of you riders who missed out on the Kielder 500 recently because of limited places – here’s a chance to ride Kielder in 2021.

Rally Class will now also run on the Saturday and Sunday, the same as the Adventure Class but this class will also have a 6 hour night stage on Saturday night. The night stage will be tougher terrain and harder navigation and it will be very, very dark.

It is important to note that all the riding will be possible on a big bike but there are no bike restrictions on the Dark Skies Rally.


Wales 500 – September 25/26

We have a new venue and a longer course to ride with a different route. The course is looking more like 300km plus each day and we are looking forward to running the event from a hotel location at Baskerville Hall.

Also for the “500’s” we are now awarding the “Zero Hero” trophy to any rider who scores zero penalty points – 8 riders have already won this trophy whilst taking part in the Wales 500 at the end of July.

Congratulations to:

  • Rik Griffin
  • Ian Stevenson
  • Paul Odell
  • Steve Farrow
  • Julia Hamlyn
  • Andrew Yarlett
  • Dave Bixter
  • Richad Cox

Ice Breaker

At long last the Ice Breaker Challenge T-shirts are here for all of you that finished and achieved the “Mission Accomplished” honour. The T-shirts are going out now.