After the popularity of the Stir Crazy Rally we have brought back the popular desktop navigation challenge for Lock Down 2 !!

Riders say the original desktop challenge really helped them understand the roadbook and it certainly helped when they did an event for real. This time we will be taking things further as for 2021 we have a new “Adventure Rally” format coming along.

This will have harder navigation, with missing directions on “tulips” and “tulips” missing all together so you will have to use CAP (bearing) to navigate. The new “Adventure Rally” format will have penalty points for navigation errors, over speed penalties and also some average speed sections also with penalties.

This is all due to our RallyMoto GPS tracking system, which has been tried and tested on the Tour of Wales and Coast 2 Coast events and it shows position accuracy to within a meter on the ground.

So, test your navigation skills and get up to speed with these new navigation techniques, the first Stir Crazy Desktop Challenge is ready for you now – don’t worry, it is an easy one to get you going. The answer will be in the next newsletter along with a whole new challenge.