In January and February RallyMoto will run a new roadbook training course. This will cover everything to do with roadbook navigation right up to using a roadbook in competition and how to gain an advantage. It will be a classroom based day with training materials and example roadbooks to work on from past Tour of Portugal and Pikes Peaks events.

Each classroom training day will be followed by a Roadbook Caper and we will work with the roadbooks for the Caper – you then have the option to ride.

The day will cover:-

  • Roadbook anatomy
  • How to read tulip diagrams
  • The equipment needed to get going
  • Loading the roadbook
  • Reading the roadbook
  • Commonly used symbols
  • What happens if you get lost

Through to more advanced techniques such as:-

  • Marking up the roadbook
  • How to gain a competitive advantage
  • What is CAP?
  • Speed Zones – how they work
  • What you need when out on the course
  • What happens at a roadbook event / competition

More information and signed here