It always gives us a warm feeling introducing new riders to Adventure Rallying, and what a venue to begin ones journey in! For two days riders were able to put their newly learnt skills to the test in the fantastic Kielder Forest which offers hundreds of miles of hard packed gravel tracks in remote wilderness, perfect for gaining a real long distance rally experience.

After a ‘classroom’ training session on the morning of the first day they were straight out into the forest for the weekend’s shortest and most basic roadbook route, designed as a confidence booster to get them into the navigation groove. After a debrief and lunch break they were back out riding a slightly longer route with more advanced navigation to prepare them for the following day. All questions and queries were answered over dinner that evening, as well as a briefing for Sunday’s 120km roadbook which was to be ridden in full Adventure Rally conditions.


By the end of Sunday’s ‘mock rally’ event, all riders were equipped with all the knowledge and experience required to take their roadbooking skills to the next level and ride confidently at a real event, being a RallyMoto Adventure Rally or even a rally abroad.
Some of the participants had zero knowledge of roadbook navigation, whilst others had actually entered events before but wanted to hone their skills and learn more about how to get better results and the finer details of the sport.
With riders fully tracked during the entire weekend, we were able to analyse their route and give feedback and results.
There are two more opportunities this year to take part in a weekend just like this, so click the links below to find out more.  We hope to see you there!

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