The Solid, Simple and Smile Inducing offering from Yamaha


The Yamaha Tenere T7 is one of the most popular adventure bikes on the market and one of the most common Adventure bikes we see at RallyMoto events these days. Its ruggedness and versatility makes it perfect for tackling any terrain, and its reasonable price tag makes it appealing to beginner off roaders.  Of course with a few modifications this bike can quickly transform into an incredibly agile and capable machine.

Rui Matias, our partner for the Tour of Portugal Adventure Rally and any of our other Portugese events swears by his.  He rides all the remote, gnarly Portugese trails, then hits the motorway in comfort to travel home at the end of the day.

Here’s what he has to say about his Yamaha T7 Tenere:


What is your bike?  Make / model/ year?
Yamaha tenere 700 2019
Roughly how many miles have you done on it?
Have you done any modifications?
Yes, I did an engine tuning, reset the electronics, for the airfilter (twin air) and SC full exaust upgrade. 
Then I have AS engine protection, full regulated levers, yamaha height seat plus 20 mm, rear shock with different spring for 95 kg, larger and lower footpegs, 5mm lower, front suspension with different valves and springs, center stand and I think that is everything….

For €10000, you have a brilliant bike, a Japanese machine like in the old days, everything works perfectly, reliable.

What do you like about it?
Yamaha arrived with a bike that the market didn’t have and I still think that is still the only one with real dual purpose. I love the bike on the offroad.  I have no doubts that in some tracks I can go as fast as I ride my ktm 450, and that you can’t do on the KTM 890, or in the Aprilia 650, or in the África Twin or in the Triumph 800 or in any others that I’m not gonna mention because they don’t deserve to be called dual purpose 🙂
What sort of terrain do you ride?  
Everything, single tracks, sand, rocks, and even some extreme.  I love to roadbook navigate on her, because my position riding the bike is perfect to watch the roadbook holder and the ICO.  You know that I’m a very tall guy and I need some settings and after market parts to make the bike comfortable for me.  And at the end of the day, the best thing, after riding all day on sand in the Portuguese coast, is to do the 200 kms highway back home flat out, perfectly comfortable  :)))))
Any other comments?
I would love to see other brands doing a real competition to this machine.  For that, they need to do a cheap bike with real offroad performance, no electronics, and also with good enough road and day by day bike performance.
My perfect yamaha doesn’t exist in the market:  I would love to have my normal version, with the extra upgrades that are included in the world raid version, (but without the tanks!!!  I don’t need extra fuel for anything), or a special Poll Tarres version…  Maybe in the future 😉
Any tips for T7 owners?
For €10 000, less €2500 comparing with a KTM 450 (it’s crazy isn’it???), you have a brilliant bike, a Japanese machine like in the old days. Everything works perfectly, reliable.  The suspension is a problem that you can solve with some €1000.  Don’t buy ohlins, they are pretty, but you have cheaper solutions and probably they will work better for you.  The ohlins suspension is set for an average rider, and will not compromise on tarmac and offroad. I suggest for you to go to specialized suspension shop, change the springs for your weight, and the valves, for your riding style.  You will have a better suspension, made for you and cheaper.
Another suggestion that changes the feeling for the better is to change the rear sprocket to a bigger one.  Close the gear ratio and it will give you a much better power band, a faster bike, and the maximum amount of fun.
If you still can’t wheelie in the Tenere, try this, and you will.