The Organisers have been out recently scouting out new routes for this years rally.
The entries will go online here on Tuesday the 25th February at 8.00 PM.
The event will once again use the start area near East Ayton which is only a few miles west of Scarborough.
It will be an enjoyable 250 miles (over 2 days), of forest tracks, moorland trails, tricky twisty bits in the woods and quiet country roads through beautiful countryside.
There’ll be the usual free camping in the start finish field.
There will be free food on Saturday night.
A pub is available nearby also.
The event is always a great ride so get this weekend booked and complete your online entry.
We’re working hard for a great weekend so come and join us in July.
Remember if you want to ride with your mates you must enter a team or teams and each member of the 3 man team must enter the team name online in their entry.
ie if there are 5 riders wanting to ride together 3 riders would for instance put Team Dipstick 1 and the other 2 would enter Team Dipstick 2, the last two riders results wouldn’t count towards the team awards as each team must have 3 riders, but they would get to ride with the other 3.
In other words I need an electronic record of who wants to ride with who.
Team entries are free.