The longest day at Serres Rally and that is day 3, forecast was for rain, which never came, allowing the riders a cloudy day to enjoy the three stages of Sidirokastro, Belles and Metochi.

Day 3 took the riders to Sidirokastro and Fea Petra landscapes, and then up and round the mountain of Belles, always in view of the spectacular Lake Kerkini and Doirani.

1st in today’s standings was #1 Stefan Svitko (KTM XC 450), 2nd was #2 Wesley Pittens (YAMAHA WR 450F) and 3rd for the day was #6 Paul Spierings (HUSQVARNA FE 450). The unlucky rider for the day was #7 Thorsten Kaiser after a crash left him out the race (broken hand).

In the other categories winners: In class 1 #12 Chris Barwick, #29 Peter Jansen in class 2, #4 Roberto Barbieri in class 4, Jozef Oprchal in class 5, #211 Timo Heinen in class 6. In the Veteran class #5 Kreidl Ferdinand, and once again #15 Gabriela Novotna was 1st in the women.

Tomorrow we will see the riders compete in the Serres Rally marathon stage which will take them over the border to Bulgaria to do the SS7 Belasitsa and SS8 Ograjden stages.