As the lock down continues we thought we would bring back the Stir crazy desktop navigation series to keep up your skill levels.

During the first lock down many of you got to grips with reading the roadbook and understanding the concept of roadbook navigation and rallying. Some of you did so well yo were able to jump straight in an do the Tour of Wales and Coast 2 Coast events we ran in Autumn last year.

The Stir Crazy series will run for February and cover 12 separate navigation tests, we will start off easy and work towards harder navigation as the series goes on. We will be using our traditional Adventure Cannonball roadbook layout and using new formats and pre-highlighted versions.

The team here also feel that a good many of you are getting good at roadbook navigation, so we are going to introduce some new events with much harder navigating, so get practising. News about these new “harder” roadbook navigation events will be coming soon.

Sign up for the Stir Crazy now and we will deliver to your inbox, do them straight away or save them for the weekend …

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