RallyMoto’s first Coast to Coast Roadbook Challenge fell on a bright and sunny day which blessed riders with ideal riding conditions to take in the magnificent stretch across the north of England.

Smelling the sea air on the west coast, 30 adventurists set off on a route made up of nearly 400 waypoints and covering a distance of around 350kms. The roadbook would lead them from Lancaster to Scarborough, through the sweeping scenery of the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors national park.

The Coast to Coast Roadbook Challenge is the sister event to the Tour of Wales Roadbook Challenge, and some might say the easier of the two due to it having less distance to cover, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a breeze. There were rocky inclines, muddy ruts and deep ford crossings to deal with which ensured that even the most experienced adventure riders were offered a challenge.  The overall distance, whilst being some 150kms shorter than the Tour of Wales, is also not to be scoffed at.  Fortunately the sun was setting behind the riders as they headed eastwards across the country, as staying focused on where you are on the roadbook over so many hours is enough of a brain strain!
A huge achievement for all, not excluding the team behind the scene.  The feedback from the riders was very positive and happily received by the organisers, but also it drives us to keep making our events better and better, so we thank you very much for that.
Another adventure in the experience bank… well done riders!