I have to acknowledge the skills of the top 20 per cent of riders that participate in Rallymoto events. They roll off the start line, knowing what is expected of them and with excellent riding and navigation skills, they make rapid progress to the end. 

The midfield of, perhaps 60 to 70 per cent take on the route with slight air of trepidation with varying degrees of riding and navigation experience,  they take on the course with reasonable confidence and mixed success but are generally able to make steady progress and get to the end in fair time. These riders also have my respect.

Our recent run of back-to-back events has seen me running at the back of the field escorting the last few riders to the finish line. This is a smaller portion of the field. Their stories and reasons for tackling these events are varied. Often having faced life challenges or illness, or just been too busy, until now doing these events has been an out of reach ambition. Some have never ridden off road. Many have never seen a roadbook. Some are just having a bad day.
To those riders, this challenge is massive.  I remember my first event more than all the others. I couldn’t imagine how anybody made this look so easy. I could not move the following day. And I’d ridden bikes from childhood. This is their first event and will be their memory for life.
When I catch up to these guys I’m often greeted by tired, apologetic faces, with faltering confidence, yet determined to get to the end without holding anyone up.
With company, their confidence often starts to recover and things come together and they are soon replaced by a new backmarker. I often won’t see them again until the finish, with tired but beaming expressions.
This is the place where the “mud and guts” is happening and life changing experiences occur. These guys may ache tomorrow but they’ll be 3 inches taller by Thursday.
So when you’re at the end of the event and see the last rider come rolling in, please, give them a thumbs up or a pat on the back. This person has embraced the spirit of the event and without them you can’t be in front.
If you find yourself at the back of the field, remember, the Rallymoto team and RM tracking system have got you covered.