The rules and regulations are as follows:-

  • Riders can use any road legal motorcycle over 140kg to take part in a “500” event.

  • This event is specifically designed for “Adventure Style” bikes – NOT Enduro Bikes.

  • Minimal distance for the event is 500km, usually over 2 days.

  • This is a 100% navigational event.

  • The responsibility for any vehicle involved in the event rests with the rider/owner of the vehicle.

  • The route will be provided by the organisers in an “adventure style” roadbook format.

  • The organisation team will provide a manual roadbook holder suitable for the event.

  • All riders will be GPS tracked for safety – GPS tracking is supplied by the organisation team.

  • All riders will receive a “Finishers Medal” for completing the course.
    Finishers medals will be categorised as follows:
    Top 20 Entrants = PLATINUM
    21- 40 = GOLD
    41 – 60 = SILVER

  • Criteria for Penalties and Points:

    All participants are tracked by GPS to determine the accuracy of the navigation by each participant and penalty points are added for the following infringements.

    • Over speed – total course  – 10 points per instance (5 instances = disqualification)
    • Over speed – specific speed zones – 3 points per instance (multiple instance accumulate in the same speed zone)

    • Minor navigational error of less than 30m – 1 point per instance
    • Large navigational error of more than 30m up to 300m – 3 points per instance
    • Off course by more than 300m – 5 points per instance
    • Cutting the course = DNF
    • Average speed sections
      • Sections on the roadbook that should be travelled at an average speed.
        • Penalty per second for early arrival: 5 points per second
        • Penalty per second for late arrival: 1 point per second

    Average speed sections – How do they work?

    • We set a target speed for 6.75km at 50kph = a time of 8 mins 6 seconds.
    • 15 seconds early – 75 penalty points
    • 15 seconds late – 15 penalty points

    Finishers medals are awarded to entrants with the least penalty points:
    Riders with zero penalty points go into a prize draw for special prizes.

  • The route uses private and Forestry ground which is absolutely out of bounds unless specifically part of an authorised and permitted “500” event. Any rider found to be riding in any of these areas outside of the event will be banned from all future RallyMoto activities and excluded from any associated activities.

  • The organisers decision on all matters is final.

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