“This is what your
adventure bike is made for!”

For Adventure Rallies we introduce our precision tracking system to not only locate riders for safety purposes, but to also award penalty points for speeding and navigational error.  Prizes are awarded based on the points system.

These are generally multi day events with a single start point, making use of large areas of forestry for some of the best wilderness riding in the UK.

Tailored for bike adventure bikes and using basic roadbook navigation, Adventure Rallies are a great way to take the next step up from Cannonballs and put your skills to the test!

Roadbook: 12cm wide, Black and White

Navigation: Easy

Terrain: Green Amber/ Amber

Tracking: Safety tracking, navigation tracking, speed zones

Suitability: Big Bikes only or bikes over 140kg (no enduro bikes)


31st July / 1st Aug 2021 (TBC)

The “Big One” – the Wales 500 is the original 500. We will have a new course and a new venue for 2020. This is a serious test of navigation and stamina.

9/10th October 2021

The Kielder 500 is a route through both Kielder and Kershope Forests. Riders will have a fantastic 2 days covering gravel tracks and back roads in a true wilderness setting.


Get that real adventure feeling as the ferry leaves the mainland and we head off for 2 days riding on the famous island.

About the 500’s

The “500’s” are a series of three navigation events specifically for “Big Adventure Bikes”. The three “500” events are the Kielder 500, the Wales 500 and the IOM 500.

The events are designed to make the most of your adventure bike, giving you sense of The Dakar with long days in the saddle, roadbook navigation whist riding through some of the most beautiful and wilderness areas the UK has to offer.

You will be able to ride in remote areas that are perfect for your adventure bike and these areas are “out of bounds” – so you will experience something special and unique on the the 500’s.

This is


If any riders have any questions please email [email protected] or call 0770 392 4448.

Is the route really rideable on road tyres?

Yes, but please do check each event for specific details. The route will be ridden on an adventure bike fitted with Dual Sport. The off road tracks are the large gravel tracks that pass through the forest. The idea is to give riders an easy to ride, scenic route route some forestry that is otherwise off limits unless it is part of an organised event with the appropriate permits and permissions.

Will my new bike be OK as I don’t want to damage it?

We would consider these tracks and back roads to be perfect for the “Big” adventure bikes that are able to cover distance and handle light off road. The course is design for minimal damage to your bike. Of course we cannot guarantee everything as it is a bit of an adventure after all.

Will my GPS work?

For 2020 we will only supply specific waypoint information for checkpoints – so if your navigation is off course, you will have a reference point to get back on track. There will be no GPX file of the route.

Is my bike suitable?

A number of questions have arisen about bike suitability. KTM 690’s and Husqvarna 701’s are fine, so are older style 600’s that are more trail orientated such as XR/XL600’s which are on the weight limit of 150kgs. The reason for having this restriction is to make this an adventure bike event.

Do I need to bring fuel?

No. Definitely not, the route passes commercial fuel stations and you should refuel here. Maximum distance between fuel stops is 80-100 km (50 – 60 miles). Just make sure you are fully fuelled at the start.

Do I need my own roadbook equipment?

No, RallyMoto provide an “adventure roadbook holder” to each rider. This has to returned after the event.

Do I need an accurate trip?

Yes, at this adventure level of riding we use an app on a Smart phone which is very good and it attached to the supplied roadbook holder.

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